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"Ukrainian history in Europe"

Historians and guides from different countries are already involved in studying Ukrainian history in the largest cities of Europe and talking about it during FREE tours. In particular, similar excursions are already operating in Hamburg (Germany). Soon similar projects will also be launched in other German cities, as well as Krakow, Rome and London. The tours are conducted in Ukrainian, but it is planned to translate them into Russian, German, Polish and English.

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Гамбург - экску

Interesting to know

Hamburg is the most beautiful port city ⚓️, the richest people in Germany live here. The most popular street is located here 👉

There are many coffee shops ☕️ in Lviv that invite you on a coffee journey. The city has beautiful and majestic architecture 🏰

Every guide in Hamburg knows that the greeting "Hummel, Hummel" is associated with this person. But who was he really? 


You learn and visit a lot of interesting things during this short period of the excursion. You are immersed in a small, different world. A world of unfamiliar and fascinating stories. It feels like you are immersing yourself in the very history of the city, its past, and participating in it.

Very fun, funny, interesting and educational! The smile just never left my face! Very charismatic actors. I recommend to everyone!

The tour guides are very talented. There were notes of sarcasm and humor in their stories. It feels like you are hanging out with friends, there is no feeling of tension. The whole excursion was very interesting.
The unexpected appearance of certain characters, their disappearance.