Jehovah’s Witnesses and the KGB – Myths and Reality

Until today, the topic of the KGB’s work with Jehovah’s Witnesses has been shrouded in obscurity. But on this tour we will look at the most common myths around this topic …

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Many documents and materials are shown for the first time!


In 1951, the Minister of the MGB Viktor Abakumov came up with a terrible plan – to deport all Jehovah’s Witnesses from 6 republics of the USSR, almost 10,000 people, to Siberia for life. It was the largest religious mass deportation in the history of the entire Soviet Union. This operation was thought out in detail; several ministries and a large number of troops were involved. In early April 1951, late at night, almost all Jehovah’s Witnesses families were visited by military and MGB agents. Our brothers were given only 3 hours to gather their personal belongings. Everything else, including the lands and houses of our brothers, was confiscated! All those believers were loaded into freight cars and had to endure the three-week journey to Siberia. There they were forced to work in extreme conditions.

Some highlights from our interviews with eyewitnesses of this deportation will be shared.


You will see previously banned footage of these forced labor camps in the USSR. Interestingly, just as the Nazis had terrible and mocking inscriptions over the gates of their concentration camps, such as “Work sets one free”, the Soviet Bolsheviks had similar inscriptions over the gates of their concentration camps. During the webinar you will see the Gulag gate with the words “Labor in the USSR is a matter of honor, glory, sacrifice and heroism!”

You will see this footage and much more during our webinar “Jehovah’s Witnesses and the
KGB – Myths and Reality”. After the webinar, the author will be available to answer your